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I am drinking a cup of Mighty Leaf’s Chocolate Mint Truffle for the second time tonight. My first cup was ruined, in my opinion, by adding honey. This rooibos’ flavor already has a hint of honey without adding any to it.

Upon second tasting, I can clearly state the complicated, yet well-blended flavors of mint and chocolate. The cocoa nibs are not overpowering, while the mint leaves a very refreshing, yet subtle taste to the tongue. The rooibos complements these ingredients well: I think more so than the green tea I tried from Adagio that used similar ingredients.

This herbal tea makes for a nice nightcap.

If you have tried this “tea” with milk, please let me know your thoughts.


Today, Jason and I visited Whittard of Chelsea on Newbury Street in Boston. We found that they were offering tastings, so Jason and I gladly drank what they provided us: cinnamon chai and organic rooibos. Neither one of us were very impressed by the rooibos. I felt that it had a very weak impression of a tea. (i.e. It was a rather bland tea.) But I didn’t mind the chai. I was not so wowed by it that I bought a bag, but I did not think it was the worst thing I had ever tried. My curiosity was piqued by the smelling of chocolate chai. Have any of you tried this chai? Jason and I mostly went to Whittard to look for a decaffeinated black tea for Jason’s grandmother for her birthday, which is not until August but I like to get an early start. I was not overly impressed by the selection at the store, but the customer service was excellent. Like I say/said in a previous post, I think I will just stick with Upton Tea Imports and other online tea stores.

Today found me purchasing tea and tea accessories. Jason and I first headed to Tealuxe on Newbury Street and picked up some dragon pearl jasmine (DPJ) tea and genmaicha for me and my mom; while there, I also bought a mesh two-inch infuser for work and two measuring spoons. We then ventured to Teavana, and sampled their medleys. We both were taken by the dragon pearl jasmine/rooibos tropica mix, so we purchased four ounces of the rooibos tropica to pair with the DPJ I bought from Tealuxe. I also picked up Jane Pettigrew’s book The Tea Companion: A Connoisseur’s Guide while at Teavana.