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Post-lunch and bus ride to yoga (post-dinner) tea:

royal coconut iced tea from Tealuxe (0 Brattle Street, Cambridge)

Description from Tealuxe:
Like a sojourn in the South Pacific. Bold pouchong tea flavored with fresh coconut.

I have been meaning to try this tea for some time, but teaescapade got me thinking about coconut pouchong and happenstance brought it to my doorstep. Yes, I had two glasses of it today; it was that good. There was definitely a strong coconut flavor to the first batch I had, but the second round was a bit more temperate. Both were pleasant tea drinking experiences. I think I will try this tea hot next time I am in the mood for a pouchong, but I hope tomorrow brings exposure to a new iced tea, so long as the weather is warm here in Massachusetts.