While in theory the Wild Berry Plum green tea from the Republic of Tea seems like a good idea, in execution, it falls flat. To be fair, I did oversteep this delicate green tea, so it was rather bitter near its conclusion. It is hard to correctly brew tea when you are working, but one must live in the present and enjoy the time spent anticipating what one is about to experience in drinking any fine tea.

You must not do too many things at once while steeping green and white teas. Black teas, on the other hand, are very forgiving. While I am not one for tisanes, I have been told that they can be left to steep for hours.

I am finding myself less enthusiastic by blended, fruity teas lately. Perhaps I will have to revisit this subject on a later post. For now, I conclude by saying that the Republic of Tea selections are hit or miss. I do enjoy their Vanilla Almond and English Breakfast black teas, but I would say stay away from the Pink Grapefruit and Wild Berry Plum green teas.