Tonight’s before bed teatime gave me the opportunity to taste an Organic Sencha from Rishi Tea.

To me, this Japanese green tea reminds me of a fine beer. It has a full-bodied flavor like that of the aforementioned beverage and tastes of the land. I kept the temperature at 180 degrees, which according to my tea thermometer is the maximum for a green tea, and steeped for four minutes. I used one and one half teaspoons of the tea leaves for a bolder flavor, as suggested by the packaging. Another recommendation stated that the tea held up to multiple steepings. I will have to try it the next time I brew this sencha.

This green tea is very high quality. Sencha is a personal favorite of mine. While many say that the green tea genmaicha is a comfort tea for them, I would argue that sencha is a soothing companion to the ailing stomach or for those with the winter blues.