Late morning tea:

British Breakfast black tea by The Republic of Tea

This morning when asked how I liked my coffee, I replied, “I do not drink coffee.” I think most people are nonplussed by this response, but the person asking, a fellow tea drinker, retorted, “How about tea?” My unusual request was for black tea with milk and sugar.

The cafe in my office building sells a limited selection of teas from The Republic of Tea. I did not know what to expect upon my co-worker’s return from this coffee-tea run, but was pleasantly surprised.

The British Breakfast according to RoT’s web site is a robust blend of quality black leaves–a savory mixture of China, India, Ceylon and Kenya leaves.

I am embracing the British way of drinking tea: with milk and sugar. While I would not think of adding dairy or sweetener to an unblended green, oolong, or white tea, I find it adds to the drinking experience with black tea.

I would have preferred to have been able to distinguish between the origin of leaves used in this tea, but I think higher quality of teas will have to be consumed for a better evaluation.