I was given the great honor of reviewing two new teas from Mighty Leaf Tea that were introduced this month. Mighty Leaf just released three new teas in their popular biodegradable silken tea pouches: Chocolate Mint Truffle, Organic Detox Infusion, and Organic Green Dragon.

This evening I am enjoying a cup of their Organic Green Dragon. This green tea according to the package is “delicately pan fried, these smooth highest-grade China Longjing green tea leaves brew a nutty and buttery cup.” It is made from organic Dragonwell, and reminds me of a few oolongs I have tried in its complexity of flavor. I can think of one Ti Kuan Yin I have tried that compares to this tea in chestnut flavor. It is hard to tell this tea came from a tea bag insofar as its quality is that of loose leaf tea.

The only word of warning to you fellow tea drinkers is when brewing green tea make sure you are steeping your tea in 140 degree Fahreinheit to 185 degree Fahrenheit water. Don’t mess around with this delicate tea. With that said, Mighty Leaf proves that it gives you consistent tea each time you brew a cup with its convenient pouches.