I have been on hiatus for awhile.  Very little tea has been drunk by me over the last two months, outside of the morning iced chai for the walk to work.  I have been known to mix it up a bit in the morning, and on occasion have had iced green or black tea.  I have been meaning to try Starbucks passionfruit tea, which I will make it a point to do tomorrow. It is really hard for me to be inspired while not being close to any tea dens. I have, however, made it a point to use a gift certificate at Adagio to purchase tea, including the one I will be reviewing today: cocomint green.

I bought a small sampler of cocomint green and was intrigued by one tea reviewer claiming it tasted of peppermint patties in a cup. I do so enjoy the combination of chocolate and mint, and am also fond of mint in tea, so I thought I would give this a try. The green tea flavor is hardly noticeable, because it is dominated by the mint and chocolate. This is a very enjoyable cup of tea: one that I return to when I feel in need of restoration from a long day or a head cold, which I am currently recovering from. I would like to point out that this tea does smell much better than it tastes, so don’t let your sniffer predispose you to forming an opinion of the tea before you have even tried it, for you will be disappointed.  

I apologize for my long absence.  Please note that posts will not be updated on the previous schedule, but I hope that you will check in periodically to see what new things I have been brewing.  Look for a post tomorrow on Starbucks passionfruit tea.  Until then…namaste.