I purchased 2 oz. of Moroccan Mint at Teavana today against my better judgment. It’s not that the tea is bad; it is quite the opposite, but the salespeople are so pushy. I know that they work on commission, but when I say I want 2 oz., do you really think I might be interested in purchasing 1 lb. of tea despite the 10 percent discount? (Edit: Maybe I should have bought one pound. I am really going through it.)

Had I gone to yoga today, I would have picked up a Moroccan Mint from Kookoo Cafe, but alas, sleep was more important to me this morning.

While at Teavana I also bought a new mug (w/lid) for my new job. I am really excited about all the tea and teaware I can store at my new desk. My prior job was pretty much open to the public, so it was hard to have any personal effects. I think I might be on the market for either a perfect teamaker from Teavana or a ingenuitea from Adagio. If you own one of these, please let me know what you think.

I did have a cup of the Moroccan Mint tea after coming home from a day of shopping, and it was so refreshing. I think Moroccan Mint is a tea that works well both iced and hot. I was pretty sure that I preferred green tea with peppermint, but I do so enjoy the spearmint with gunpowder green tea in a Moroccan Mint.

Do you ever put sugar in your Moroccan Mint? I have seen it various places that sugar in this type of tea is a good combination. Your thoughts, please.