After watching STeaPTV’s tea showdown over the weekend, I decided to locate the winning tea, Rishi Tea’s Jade Cloud organic green tea. This evening I made a trip up to Whole Foods to take advantage of their sale on Stonyfield Farm yogurt and to look for the highly praised tea.

I was in luck. The tea was in stock. And I came home and brewed a pot of tea. I used a heaping tablespoon of leaves, probably half a tablespoon more than directed. Steeped for three minutes, and drank a very familiar drink. This tea was very reminiscent of another tea I have tried, one that I can’t exactly place.

Needless to say I was unimpressed by this tea. It’s a rather mild tea, not too vegetal. It could be said that the quality of the tea was not very good. This is not to say that the leaves were dusty, which they were not: very little residue was left in my cup. All in all, I will drink this tea, but I had higher expectations for it. Maybe I will have to enter the next STeaP showdown. I am thinking a Mariage Freres tea would be a nice selection.