Soothing tea while watching the Celtics in the playoffs(Game 2 vs. Cavaliers):

Bond Street english breakfast blend from Upton Tea Imports (Hopkinton, MA)

Description from Upton:
A hearty blend of Ceylon and Assam teas, developed by a famous London company. Rich and flavorful even with extra milk.

This is my third black tea in a week. I am really enjoying the heartiness of black tea that is complemented with milk and honey. I used a little too much honey in this cuppa: there was left over honey along with some dust in the bottom of my cup that I, regretfully, decided to drink. The steeping time on this tea was three minutes, and the leaves were finely ground. (Sorry, could not tell you the leaf grade.) I only used a tablespoon of tea, but easily could have added an additional quarter tablespoon for a stronger brew.