Tea for the bus ride home:

raspberry green iced tea from Tealuxe (0 Brattle Street, Cambridge)

On a 76 degree day it is nice to have a glass of iced tea. I stopped at Tealuxe on my way to the bus hoping to find something different from my daily tea offerings. The tea chain were serving three kinds of iced tea: spicy chai, a medicinal herbal tea, and the one I selected, raspberry green. It was exactly what I was looking for: strong fruit flavor with a hint of tea. When I say strong, I should not mislead you because as green teas go, the fruit flavor was not overpowering but a perfect balance. The tea came unsweetened, but I added sugar. I think I could have easily done without the sugar, but thought the sweetener enhanced the raspberry flavor. I don’t know how often Tealuxe carries this tea, but I will definitely be on the lookout for it the next time I am in need of a refreshing glass of iced tea.