Today I had a very bad tea day. I tried three iced teas and they were all less than desirable. For lunch I drank a Diet Lemon Snapple. I know, I know, what was I expecting from a diet tea? Well, Jason makes excellent iced tea with splenda and the taste does not suffer. This tea tasted of sweetener and artificial flavoring.

With my dinner I had an iced thai tea with half and half and sugar. I don’t skimp when I buy teas that were made for milk/half and half and sweetener. While I really wanted to like this tea (the visual appeal of this tea is so inviting), it just wasn’t what I wanted. I guess I was expecting something creamy, and I could only taste the ineffable chalky orange liquid.

After dinner I was set on recovering from my miserable tea-tasting day, so I went to Starbucks and decided to try an iced green tea latte. Mistake #1: Never order something you have never ordered before, and expect it to compensate for a miserable experience. I saw the barista poured in a copious amount of milk and some green powder. I would like to say the powder was matcha, but I doubt it was. Just a major letdown.