Breakfast tea:

genmaicha extra green with matcha from Den’s Tea

You could really taste the quality of this tea bag. (Yes, this was a tea bag, but I don’t wake up in time to prepare myself a cup of tea, so I settle for a tea bag at work.) This was a pyramid tea bag, which supposedly gives more room to the tea leaves and perhaps it does; it’s hard for me to say. This was my first time trying matcha outside of eating it on baked goods, and I could have really used a bamboo whisk insofar as the powder settled to the bottom of my cup.

I received a green tea kit from Den’s Tea yesterday for only three dollars, and it included this tea bag, a sencha tea bag, a 10 gram sample of genmaicha extra green with matcha, and a 10 gram sample of sencha fukamidori. Three dollars well spent. I will definitely be ordering Den’s other products when it comes time to place a new tea order.