Lunch tea:

tung ting jade oolong from Teavana (Prudential Center, Boston)

Description according to Teavana catalog:
The best of Taiwanese semi-fermented teas, this jade colored Oolong is grown on the Tung Ting Mountain slopes. Gentle and remarkably smooth in flavor, with a flowery undertone. Good for multiple infusions.

This one was not for me. Two sips and it went into the trash. It had a strong taste of cinnamon, but in a dental hygienic way.

I learned today that Teavana’s samples change out once a month and that two (of four) of them are constantly showcased. A little disappointing to be perfectly honest. Now I won’t be visiting them once a week to try out a different tea. I think I will stick to making my purchases through Upton Tea Imports.