Lunch tea on 4.10.08:

traditional gyokuro from Tealuxe (0 Brattle Street, Cambridge)

Description from Tealuxe:
A must try for green tea enthusiasts. Literally translated “Jewel Dew,” this full body tea offers unparalleled sweetness.

I did not really experience the “unparalleled sweetness” or any sweetness whatsoever. Again I find this to be a vegetal-tasting green tea with little distinctive characteristics from other green teas I have tried. Perhaps there is a subtle difference between the teas I have been blogging about, or perhaps it’s the quality of the tea. I spoke to the tea seller at Tealuxe about the problem I am having with tea leaves not being filtered by my infuser and thus causing me to drink the leaves, which I am not too thrilled about. She suggested I try tea bags for loose tea. I would much rather go a more pure route, such as a better infuser. If you have any gadgets you recommend, please comment here.