Breakfast tea:

Tazo china green tips from Starbucks (Marriott Boston Copley Mall entrance)

Mmmm…vegetal. It was just how I like it. Not as strong as the Korean green tea I had from Dado, but about as enjoyable. Both teas I found to be extremely smooth. I can’t wait until I get my green tea starter kit from Den’s Tea.

Jason and I stopped by the Teavana in the Prudential Center to see what blends they were sampling. It appears to have been the same from last Sunday, but luckily the last time we went I did not try all they had to offer. Today I tested out the Queen of Babylon blended with the Rooibos Rose Garden. According to the Teavana catalog, Queen of Babylon is “a whimsical tasting white tea blended with immunity boosting pomegranate seeds, sour cherries, sweet carrot bits, apple, pinapple pieces and rosebuds,” while the Rooibos Rose Garden is “a flowery and fruity blend of green Rooibos, rhubarb pieces, red currants, citrus peel and red rose petals.” Needless to say, this combination, with the added sweetener, was way too sweet for me.