Pre-dinner and dinner tea:

Ti Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) from Dado Tea (50 Church Street, Cambridge)

I didn’t find this tea to be very aromatic. It was certainly hard to make out the flavor from smelling it. The leaves were black and fine, but the flavor was bold and smooth. It had a lasting aftertaste that was a mix of sweet, as in fruity, and nutty. I will definitely try other oolongs after this experience. It left me wanting more.

There was a SNAFU at Tealuxe today. I asked for traditional gyokuro and walked away with genmaicha, which I love, but was really hoping to try something different today for lunch. The worker was apologetic, and I said that no harm was done, but I just wanted to make sure that, being a new tea drinker, I knew the difference between gyokuro and genmaicha. Maybe I came off sounding like a jerk, when in reality, I just wanted to educate myself.