Lunch tea:  

serene blend from Tealuxe (0 Brattle Street, Cambridge)

I smelled this tea, and it reminded me of something very familiar. I drank the tea, and it came to me: fruit loops! Definitely not my cuppa. It is a caffeine-free tisane with chamomile, jasmine, and rose petals among other things. I think I am pretty satisfied that I have given chamomile a fair chance, and it is not to my tastes.

To balance out my taste buds, I had a cup of Bigelow earl grey for my afternoon treat. This was much more pleasurable. I tried it without milk, but I could go either way with this one, I think. I could tell that the oil of bergamot would teeter on the edge of excessive pungency if steeped too long.

Edit: According to Jane Pettigrew, if there is too much oil of bergamot, it would taste soapy. I can see that, indeed.