When you are on the North Shore and desperate for tea, who do you turn to? My solution was Starbucks.  I had read reviews of the Tazo Calm Tea, so I thought I would try it. And like with most Tazo teas, I was left disappointed.

This herbal infusion is said to not have any tea in it. Ingredients include chamomile flowers, hibiscus flowers, spearmint leaves, lemongrass, rose petals, blackberry leaves, safflowers, peppermint leaves, sarsaparilla root, lemon balm leaf, and licorice root.

The information card at Starbucks claimed it had an apple flavor, which I found out later stems from the chamomile, but that was not very pronounced. Perhaps there was a little too much going on in this cuppa to have any one thing stand out. Tomorrow I will be trying Tealuxe’s serene blend, and I am concerned that this might be the case with this tea as well. Return tomorrow for a full report.