Breakfast tea:  

jasmine pearls from Kookoo Cafe (7 Station Street, Brookline)

Similar to Tealuxe’s dragon pearl jasmine, but not as strong a jasmine flavor. I really like jasmine, so the stronger the better in my opinion. But this was a nice, relaxing cup of tea right before gentle Kripalu yoga.

Kookoo also offers the following teas:
Black: English Breakfast, Russian Caravan, Blue Flower Earl Grey, Rose, Ginseng
Green: China Green, Moroccan Organic Mint
Herbal: Ginger Lemon, Lemon Chamomile, Decorated Rooibos, Yerba Mate

All from MEM Teas, which I discovered is carried by Cardullo’s in Harvard Square. I will have to pay them a visit. Now it’s time to boil some water.